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Department of Community Affairs

  Served as Department's central administrative officer (Director of Administration) for fourteen years, preceded by twelve years service heading the Department's local government management assistance programs (Chief, Bureau of Local Management Services). Served under, and adapted to varying policies and styles of, ten different Commissioners.

  Provided stability, counsel and assistance to the Department during this period, assuring continuity of business operations and observance of State fiscal and administrative requirements during successive periods of change. Early on as Director of Administration, directed personnel, budgetary and logistical support and control as the Department gradually expanded from 400 employees to 1100, with a budget of $1 Billion in State, Federal and other funds.

Notes from a DCA Commissioner:
"Jim, thank you for your candor, dedication and assistance in wading these troubled waters. You've been an enormous help."
"I couldn't have done it without you."

  Later, directed the retrenchment of State-funded operations and workforce reductions, involving layoffs, shifts to other funding sources, and repeated budget reduction planning involving tens of millions of dollars and their implementation.

  Developed and directed Grants Management system that controlled the award of over $900 Million of State and Federal Aid funds to local governments and community agencies annually.

  Initiated and directed the Department-wide computer system, which underwent substantial expansion over a fifteen year period, with an emphasis on economy of service, uniform access and standard procedures, and sharing of data. Department's system operated on four linked super-minicomputers with some six hundred desktops, a growing array of networked PCs and connection to State's central mainframe operation. Directed planning for this computer growth in concert with consultants engaged from Coopers and Lybrand, Wang Laboratories, IBM (directed team preparing Business Systems Plan), Sentinel Technologies, and NJ Office of Telecommunications and Information Services.

  Directed departmental purchasing, accounting, physical facilities, communications systems, and employer trip reduction program.

From three typical annual performance ratings:
"Outstanding." (highest rating possible)
"Significantly above standards." (highest rating then possible)
"James Alexander is a public servant of the highest order. He is dedicated to the State and the people it serves. He strives for excellence and accomplishes it."

  Directed the planning for and occupancy of a new eight-story, 160,000 square foot, department headquarters building. Provided liaison between operating divisions and the architects, interior design planners, site engineers and others.

  Participated in direction of a series of management studies that involved creation, modification and abolition of various functional divisions. Also, served on or provided executive liaison to, several gubernatorial blue-ribbon study commissions examining the organization and operations of State government.

Certificate from Governor of New Jersey:
"Reposing Trust and Confidence ... Steering Member, Governor's Management Improvement Program." 

  At various times during tenure, directed wide variety of functional specialists and subsidiary organizations, including Human Resources, Internal Control, Local Government Planning Assistance, Federal Comprehensive Planning and Management Program, statewide interns-in-local-government program, debt management, EDP system assistance, performance auditing, municipal management assistance program, etc.

  Directed printing and publications control program and maintenance of standard Departmental administrative procedures.

  Served as Project Manager for departmental program to prepare Atlantic City municipal government for advent of casino gambling; coordinated various special departmental programs.

  Taught courses in Municipal finance and budgeting to local officials through Rutgers program for ten years. Authored budgeting textbook for Rutgers.

Recipient of Certificate of Appreciation from Rutgers University for ten years teaching local officials budgeting and finance.

  Did considerable behind-the-scenes research and writing for successive officials regarding the Department's responsibilities and strategies.

 Left in good standing, taking advantage of early retirement program and opportunity to try other venues.