Rider University.Web Content Manager
Rider University

First Incumbent in this Position

Bullet.  Successful implementation of an interim new look for the Rider University Web site (in place for one year); during this period,  introduced a succession of timely new home pages and converted hundreds of pages to updated, accurate presentation in a new format. See a PDF of Jim's Home Page at Rider, describing his approach to the job.

Jim's boss said:
"You applied your broad organizational and managerial perspective to the public relations, marketing, and communications challenges we face."

Bullet.  Introduction of a substantial number of new features to benefit site visitors, provide seasonal and thematic information and better market the University’s strengths and accomplishments. Collaborated with University Marketing Council. New sections included presentation of university's services to the community and business sector, and focusing on successes of faculty, staff and students.

Bullet.  Aided Rider in defining the web site's needs and functions of the position. Provided support and guidance in efforts that subsequently led to a full revamping of the site in a different look.

Jim's boss said:
"You undertook a brand new post, helped define it, and persuasively assisted many of us to understand the unique communications characteristics of the Web, as well as the nature of our own site's needs."

Bullet.  Promotion of consideration of user perspectives and habits in the design of web sites. 

Bullet.  Emphasis on content of message over extraneous technical demonstrations.

Bullet.  Implementation of Audience portals to the site and improved navigation.

Jim's boss said:
"Your perspective on orienting web materials to meet audience needs ... rather than  employing inappropriate technologies helped us make the site a marketing tool." 

Bullet.  The rebuilding of the Admissions site and concerted efforts to align other site content in support of that function. (Undergraduate Admissions rebuild plus major enhancements to Continuing Studies and Graduate admissions sections.)

Bullet.  Creation of the thirty-page Campaign for Rider University web site, in collaboration with fund-raising staff. Included on-line giving and pledge features. 

Bullet.  Advocacy of further improvements and research and recommendations toward the goal of a more audience-oriented, marketing-driven web site. Authoring of a White Paper on the circumstances and needs of the site, a Web Style Guide for users, and other presentations. Professional staff support to committees. 

Jim's boss said:
"Your leadership in suggesting and implementing new features and thematic presentations was solid and well received by the marketing council and others, and your excellent organizing and writing skills were most evident." 

Bullet.  Support of the Public Relations mission and Communications objectives. (My post was in the Office of Public Relations.)

Bullet.  Analyzing stakeholder needs and capabilities through extensive collaboration with staff, faculty and students. 

Bullet.  Training staff members.

Jim's boss said:
"Progress was possible because of your ability to work cooperatively and proactively with all segments of the Rider community ... I was very impressed by your mentoring of individual staff members."

Bullet.  Personally, substantially developing my technical understanding and web authoring and site management skills, in support of my career commitment to stay abreast of changing communications technologies.