Jim Alexander.Jim Alexander's Career

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Documentation of experience and accomplishments:

Review his background -- with links to details of accomplishments and evaluations of his performance. See it!
Writing samples.
Online examples of the results of research and crafting -- technical, administrative, and historical subjects. Includes web sites whose content he authored. Lots to see.
Web approach.
His special management approach to web sites. It's different!
RR Crossing sign.
For Jim's continuing activities in nonprofit management and in the field of transportation history and other nonprofit areas, see our Nonprofit section.
Computer network.
Information Technology. Review Jim's managerial and hands-on involvement with computers, networks, and applications in the Technology section.
Rider University.
See a list of his accomplishments in this first incumbency as Rider University's Web Content Manager, together with comments on his performance. Also includes web page examples.
PA Turnpike.
See his accomplishments in another first incumbency as the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Deputy Executive Director for Customer Service, together with comments on his work.
See his accomplishments as a major state department's Director of Administration, and as head of a management consulting program.