Evolution.We understand the sentiment of this image, but to us technology has provided new tools for achievement, and we have embraced them. Thus our focusing on computer and web skills.

Starting decades ago with a general management responsibility for introducing computers on a large scale into a major organization and coping with the resulting issues from planning, infrastructure, and budgetary perspectives, we began the process of acquiring personal technical skills.

Our perspective involves both the broader issues, their relationship to organizational objectives, and the knowledge of how to do it. Effective use of the web for communicating organizational messages requires understanding of how people interact with web sites -- the evolving study of usability.

It is this ability to combine personal understanding of technology with how it fits into the larger picture that makes us different. When you engage us, you aren't just hiring a technician.

So What Are Our Skills?

  •   Dreamweaver and Fireworks are major web development
  •   We apply evolving techniques such as Cascading Style Sheets
      HTML5, and mobile applications.
  •   We monitor changing web surfer practices and software,
      & equipment.
  •   We judiciously implement videos, YouTube, and Facebook
      applications  as appropriate, not just because they're available.
  •   We set up and manage Constant Contact mass mailing systems.
  •   We stay abreast of current Microsoft offerings such as Office.
  •   We use PowerPoint for group presentations.
  •   We administer Windows Server systems, and know when to call in
      technicians to perform special tasks.
  •   We handle equipment and software purchasing and vendor &
      consultant   relations for general support and special projects.
  •   We troubleshoot workstation issues.
  •   We provide individual hand-holding and group training.
  •   We know how to plan, budget, present and write.
  •   We use a variety of advanced techniques in web design and site
      management, including this site! Much of it is "under the hood,"
      and that can be just as important as what you see.
  •   See how Jim directed creation of and maintains a local area network.