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We design and maintain quality web sites for very select clients.

We evaluate the audience, we plan, organize, create text, and apply technical skills.

Our extensive management experience makes us sensitive to your internal needs and operational changes.

We emphasize quality of content over presentational glitz.

We provide research and communications skills.

We bring strong analytical, writing and organizational skills to any task.

We provide IT management and general management services.

Explore our range of skills and accomplishments as the quest continues! We "love it when a plan comes together," and we are dedicated to making it happen.


Recent Additions:
Life and Death on the Old Mine Road. The consequences of the failed Tocks Island Dam Project.

Dealing with the Feds: Federal Funding, Idiosyncracies, and Urban Life in the 1960s. Recollections of how the capital city of New Jersey tried to use Federal beautification funds as an early tool to address urban decay and unrest.

Railroad History in Burlington County, NJ. A small railroad now long gone, and its effect on development of a region.

"Every life is a vantage point on the universe."  Jose Ortega y Gassett.
James Alexander Jr   ~   Lumberton, NJ