General Management

Jim Alexander possesses extensive managerial skills based on a career in both line and staff capacities in state and local government.

His post-graduate training was to be a city manager, and he served six years as Assistant City Administrator of New Jersey's capital city. Early on, he was called to instruct local officials in Rutgers municipal finance programs, and authored many pieces on city management.

Strategic management.Skills cover purchasing, personnel, financial management, information technology, planning, grants management, and more. For many years he was responsible for a major state government program which provided planning and management consulting services to local governments.

Subsequently he focused his skills on the operation of state government programs. First participating as a Steering Member of Governor Thomas H. Kean's Governor's Management Program, he then served on successive governors' blue ribbon commissions designed to improve efficiency and reduce expenses. He also guided a year-long systems analysis of departmental operations, using IBM's Business Systems Planning methodology.

More information is available in the Career section. Sample management documents are available here.

Whether it is hands-on, or high level managerial and policy planning, this experience provides a strong foundation upon which our current services are offered, although as he looks back on some of the highly touted systems he notes "sometimes a given year's zealotry was enough to make you wonder."