Editorials and Membership Communications

In the course of various assignments, Jim often prepares promotional and editorial materials. Whether it is how-to or policy commentary, Jim endeavors to inform the particular audience.

Three examples are available here:

Toy Train Organization Newsletters

On Track Newsletter.

Making use of an integrated membership management system, Jim has written and managed an ongoing series of newsletters for members. Special efforts have been aimed at making content timely and useful to members. This is typically issued twice a month to some 17,000 members who remain signed up for the service.

Condominium Association Newsletter

Newsletter header.

For half a dozen years, Jim has written an informative newsletter for the residents and owners of Society Hill at Lawrenceville Condominium Association. Here, the challenge is to take a relatively static situation, and encourage the readers to understand how their living arrangement works, the challenges of managing it, and the rules they should observe. The newsletter appears quarterly.

Sample newsletter.

Volunteer Support Organization


For many years Jim served as associate editor of this respected history journal, and contributed many well-researched articles to it. As an officer of the organization, he wrote promotional editorials.

Samples here.

(Note. Both are PDFs which approximate original appearance.)