Nonprofit Services

Jim.Starting with a personal avocation, Jim Alexander has developed broad capabilities in support of nonprofit organizational attainment. His specialty is in the transportation history and museum management field, to which he has brought to bear his managerial, writing, technical, and communications skills.

He also served for six years as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Society Hill at Lawrenceville Condominium Association and as its President, where he produced and maintained its web site. On the Board, he also led a major revamping of its landscape practices, including introduction of organic methods, as well as updating administrative practices. In addition, he provided focus on enhancing the association's financial stability by meeting short-term challenges and building capital reserves for future needs.

He has also served as webmaster for Lawrenceville Main Street, where he advised its Executive Director. In addition, he maintained the web site of Mercer NAMI, a nonprofit chapter dedicated to advocacy of families confronted with mental illness.

As webmaster and technology consultant to the non-profit Train Collectors Association, a 25,000 member organization of toy train fans, he has created and maintained several major web sites and assisted in its internal computer operations and member communications efforts.

Transportation Heritage - Managing & Explaining

Some twenty years of volunteer work at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania (operated by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission) has led to proficiency in:

  Nonprofit management, through service as a Director, Vice President, and President of this 2200 member organization with worldwide membership. Includes financial planning, personnel policies, program development, marketing. The FRM is a chartered non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania's educational and public service programs.  It is committed to the preservation of railroad history; its members typically contribute well over 11,000 hours of on-site support each year.  Since its inception in 1983, the FRM has provided over $7 million in financial support and 280,000 hours of volunteer service to the Railroad Museum. Named Volunteer of the Year.

Jim Alexander.   Extensive personal involvement in computer system planning and hands-on implementation of a local area network, dealing with historical records applications and business systems. Lead player in project to place library and archives catalog on the web, and to establish a system for management of thousands of images of historical railroad pictures and negatives. Recognized as Volunteer of the Year. 

  Strategic planning and negotiations involving public/private initiatives between the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Friends of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

  Development and conduct of seminars and special public events.

  Collaboration in marketing, development, and fund raising strategies.

  Planning, creation, and maintenance of a constantly changing, content-rich web site, over a period of fifteen years:, and a mobile version at, which was the first for any museum in the Commonwealth system.

  Historical research and writing, including associate editorship of a respected quarterly journal and publication in national railroad history publications. Available online:

Where History and Magic Converge. A published article discussing railroad history in Pennsylvania and promoting the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.
John Stevens: The Man and the Machine, a review of an early American railroad visionary. It involved months of original research. PDF file.
The Lindbergh Special. Fascinating story of early aviation, Charles Lindbergh, and the reaction of American railroad management to the advent of this new competition.
Interpretive Challenges -- a management perspective on dealing with visitors, with a touch of philosophy humor as well.
Editorials written about museum and volunteer organization management.

  Provider of historical, managerial and PowerPoint presentations involving museum affairs.