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Our portfolio demonstrates concern for attractiveness, accuracy and relevance of content, and ability of visitors to find the desired information. It's all about communicating the message, which calls for skilful writing and planning!

Mobile Traincollectors Gateway Site.Mobile Gateway Site.
This special version of the much larger gateway site to the Family of Websites of the Traincollectors was created as a handy tool for members and visitors using small devices or traveling. This required devising a "roadmap" to massive web resources to make it easy for users to find their way. June 2016.




Train Collectors Association Members Site.
tcamembers.orgThis major site rebuild provides members with the opportunity to drill into particular subjects of interest, and is part of a strategic effort to reduce printing and mailing costs in favor of electronic sharing. The site provides a massive amount of information of interest to participants in this hobby. July 2013.

National Toy Train Museum Site.National Toy Train Museum Site. We rebuilt this site which we had originally created in 2005, to allow greater user ease and to observe current standards. Content was updated and new materials added. November 2012.


Design by Remi. Design and Renovation Site. We wrote text, took work photos, worked with business owner to develop effective presentation of services to emphasize project design excellence as well as acutual construction. Site utilizes portfolio photo galleries. August 2012.



TCA e-Train.Major Site Rebuild. This site had evolved under different webmasters over a ten year period, accumulating a huge number of articles and thousands of photos. It had to be rebuilt within client's limited resources, bring it up to modern design standards, and be consistent with both future growth and forthcoming rebuilds of the client's other related web sites. We maintain the site with quarterly new editions added. June 2012.

Mobile Web site.Mobile Site, our first site designed for smartphones. To accomplish this, we acquired skills in the use of jQuery Mobile, a special framework for mobile site design that utilizes javascript, CSS, and HTML5. Content was devised for use of traveling visitors to this museum, so that they could see brief information about its attractions, look up travel information, and also have the opportunity to shift to the main web site if desired. It also links to related mobile web sites. With mobile devices in rapidly increasing use, the ability to design such sites and to understand the needs of mobile users, is increasingly important.

Little CLub site.

LITTLE Club, a small site for the Long Island Toy Train Locomotive Engineers, represented an opportunity to apply larger site principles to one with modest content requirements. Creating a small site involves many of the same steps "under the hood" that a much larger one would.



NAMI Mercer.NAMI Mercer NJ  web site. This local affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness needed a completely new web site. We spent considerable time with them developing usable content as well as an attractive presentation which is consistent with the national organization's identity standards. As a result, the organization is able to communicate much more effectively with existing and potential clients and the public. We also assisted them in implementing a modern email newsletter system.

RR Museum of PA site.Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania web site. We initiated this site in 1997, and served as its webmaster and major content developer until retiring from the task in 2016. With some 200 pages of constantly changing content, the site has stimulated visitorship to the museum and provides a means of reaching out to defined audiences, including general visitors, historians, educators, railfans and museum volunteers. To stay current, the site has been fully rebuilt several times. The site's annual visits of over 400,000 substantially exceeds the number of actual visitors to the museum.

TCA site.Train Collectors Association Family of Web Sites This entailed extensive analysis of several existing sites and the construction of new ones, thus creating a coordinated family of web sites. Results include:

  • A Gateway Site to the TCA Family of Web Sites, seen at right, located at
  • A new members site located at
  • A visual modification and relocation of, which houses over ten years of toy train articles and photos

all designed to achieve a unified presentation for their 25,000 members and the public. We are currently engaged to maintain these sites, and have steadily added features such as TCANetvision videos, online credit card processing for dues payment, and creation of related Constant Contact emailings. Most recently, we managed the implementation of a new SAS membership system ( which involved extensive rebuilding of content for, adjustment of content on TCA's other sites, staff training, and implementation and transition planning.

Lawrenceville Main Street site.Lawrenceville Main Street Site. This site is the culmination of a major project involving a complete revamping of an earlier site, with some 60 main pages, over 50 business listing pages, new features, and taking several hundred new photos. Work reflected the objective of broadening the organization's outreach to serve the general Lawrenceville, NJ community. We maintained the site to reflect evolving activities for a number of years.

Society Hill.Society Hill Condominium Association Site This site was created to serve the 440 unit residents. It provides extensive descriptions of the association and its facilities, feedback mechanisms, and downloadable forms and documents. It also provides information about the surrounding area. Dozens of photos of the site were taken and processed. The project entailed reviewing existing association procedures, clarifying and updating documents, and assuring compatibility with relevant legal requirements.

Inverso Capital Management.Inverso Capital Management screen shot. This modest size site was built to publicize the services of this certified financial planner. It includes background material on the process of capital planning, and makes use of stock images intended to connote stability. We took descriptive information and adjusted it for web presentation.

Rider University web site.Rider University. While serving as the University's first web content manager, we were charged with initiating coherence to a large, decentralized site. Also see our professional analysis of the site's needs (PDF) at that time. Full details of this employment and our accomplishments are also available. The University subsequently embraced new designs and services as their understanding of the medium evolved.

Lancaster County Museums site.Museums of Lancaster County. This site was one of our early builds, and served as a starting point to the twenty participating museums. It was designed to direct viewers to their respective sites and to promote synergy in tourism opportunities. Site eventually became dated because of limited interest by local attractions, and we no longer handle it.

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