Research on Burlington County, NJ

Jim Alexander Summer 2018.Having relocated to Burlington County, NJ, Jim has become aware of its rich heritage.

Research is underway, initially focusing on the Mt. Holly, Lumberton and Medford Railroad.

Seen at right is the sole remaining milepost of that railroad, now relocated to a nearby historic venue, which Jim restored in the summer of 2018. It denoted five miles to Mt. Holly, and one mile to Medford.

Lumberton, NJ station.Wondering: Ely Hall (Medford home of first President of Mt. Holly, Lumberton and Medford Railroad. Home built 1844.)

Dr. Ely's Legacy: The Mount Holly, Lumberton and Medford Railroad
How and why the railroad was built, its impact on the region.

Also, a slightly modified version of "Dr. Ely's Legacy," published in Milepost, at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. October 2018, PDF.

An illustrated lecture on "Dr. Ely's Legacy," detailing the railroad's history and impact, is available for presentation.