Writing Skills

Jim at computer.Writing represents a central organizing skill in all of Jim Alexander's work. Assembling information, asking questions, pursuing logic, organizing cogent presentation, considering the audience -- these find their way into articles, memos, PowerPoint presentations and web sites. Here are some samples.

Authoring Web Sites
Jim researches, designs, creates and maintains web sites, bringing analysis and understanding of the medium to the task. He believes that an effective web site is more than a collection of individually created pages. Check some out!

Writing About Web Management Practices
Jim takes web site management seriously, has studied the professional and trade literature carefully, provides special emphasis on audience-oriented content, and favors simple, usable design over glitzy presentations that sometimes offend viewers. Examine some of his writing about effective web planning.

General Management
Jim has authored scores of reports and publications, many involving annual and multi-year budget plans, finance, general management, local government, and computer system planning. See some samples!

Jim has done extensive research and writing, often focused on American railroad history. A number of articles have been published. Check some out!

Editorials and Newsletters
Jim has penned many editorials and newsletters, as well as many other publications. Special effort is made to tailor them to the interests of the target audience.

Personal and Human Interest
Jim enjoys writing and has penned a number of articles reflecting his experiences and musings on life. Take a look!

“A blank piece of paper in a typewriter is the loneliest place in the world.”
     -- author Wilbur Smith

“A blank screen that will become a web page is equally ‘lonely,’ and is also a battleground for space, content, and technical considerations.”
    -- Jim Alexander