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Jim Alexander

Jim Alexander

James Alexander Jr. is an accomplished writer, administrative manager, and web content specialist. His successful career has involved state and local government management, university communications, web site management, and nonprofit administration. This is described at length in the Jim’s Career section. He currently focuses on performing research and presentations on historical and human interest subjects.  For several decades, his focus was more on web design and content management for select clients, and nonprofit management.

Jim’s ability to think strategically, organize, and write are distinguishing hallmarks of any undertaking.

The Site

  • Serves as a central focus for Jim’s web communications.
  • Is designed to reflect Jim’s application of modern techniques in combination with simple, easy-to-understand presentation that delivers the message.
  • Represents a conversion and update of an earlier SHTML site version created in Dreamweaver to WordPress, making use of the Astra Theme and Elementor PageBuilder in WordPress.
Site Banner.

The Masthead

We wanted a series of pictures that would depict career, yet found it could not be separated from the faces of wonderful people. Thus, the pictures reflect a life story: parents, education, siblings, wife, government, history, writing, web creation, children, and grandson. As a group, and individually, prefaced by two words: truly amazing! (Masthead not shown on mobile display.)

The Motivation

The poem. This site’s logo symbolizes the commitment to climbing and conscientious effort, as portrayed by Longfellow in his poem “The Ladder of Saint Augustine:”

The heights … reached and kept
Were not attained by sudden flight,
But they, while their companions slept,
Were toiling upward in the night.

For additional information on our motivation, read about our Quest.

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