Join the Quest
For Effective Communications

We create quality websites for select clients. We are not a mass production operation.

Writing is our passion. We listen, research, and organize, then communcate the story.

We draw on a career of professional managerial experience to meet your needs.

Organizing and telling a compelling story takes hard work, which is what we do.


It’s all about communicating YOUR MESSAGE to YOUR AUDIENCE!

Consider the importance of your messages, and how your audience will receive them.
Throwing everything you can think of on a page or a screen may not work to your advantage!

We design and maintain quality web sites only for very select clients.

We emphasize quality of content over presentational glitz.

We provide limited IT advisory and general management services in special circumstances (we aren’t an IT sales or repair firm).

We bring strong analytical, writing and organizational skills to any task.

Explore our range of skills and accomplishments as the quest continues!

New and of Interest

Life and Death on the Old Mine Road: the aftermath of the failed Tocks Island Dam project. Extended research added, including the Human Toll of Eminent Domain.

Railroad History in Burlington County, NJ

Art of William Mulhern updated.

Trees and Federal Funds Were Not Enough (the failure of Federal programs in the sixties to deal with social injustice and poverty)

The Coin and the Quest

In 1921, a young man joined his parents and brothers to board a ship to bring them from Scotland to the United States of America. Learn the story of the Quest.

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