Website Tasks

Web tasks.

Our approach has always involved performing a range of functions that would be done by multiple specialists if done for print media:

  • Organizing information about your operation, including gathering or writing fresh text and obtaining useful photos and graphics.
  • Coming up with marketing language that explains what you’re about and what you want to tell the world.
  • Pulling together your story and how to organize it for best impact on your site’s visitors.
  • Creating the site, with its pages, navigation, and email settings; submitting it to the major search engines, testing it in different browsers, and more.
  • Obtaining a domain name and arranging for server hosting.

Creating a web site requires the same marketing, design, management and technical skills that production of a professional print job would, but it requires even more because of the dynamic nature of the web and the habits and expectations of surfers.

That’s why in selecting a web designer, you need someone with broad perspective, writing and organizational experience, and the skills involved in pulling the presentation together.

Almost anybody today can create a web site. If you want to build your own website and take responsibility for problems, go for it! If you want one that communicates well, go for breadth of experience!

We typically partnered with Ribbon Rail Productions for hosting, complex technical setup, and continuity services.


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