Managing Information Technology

Information Technology is a term that encompasses many skills and levels of responsibility. Jim’s skills lie primarily in managing the deployment of resources and systems to meet an organization’s needs. In other words, he’s not a technician, but the person who can help the management team think about what they need and the business methods they should employ to meet those needs.

He can provide this advice because he has done it himself on both large and small scale operations: large governmental settings involving hundreds of users and long-term financial and implementation planning, and smaller scale non-profits in need of effective computer services to meet specialized needs. 

At the same time, he has acquired considerable hands-on experience, ranging from personally building many computers to installing workstations, fixing user problems,  installing applications and managing network  permissions and settings. It’s an unusual mix.

Mostly, he’s the person who deals with the “experts” who want to do or sell something in the complex IT world.

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