Nonprofit Services

Plaque presented to Jim

Jim’s experience with nonprofits has included volunteer work and paid consulting.

Nonprofits are not the same as government or private business. They are governed by different laws, expectations, and dynamics. While routine work can be very similar to that in other types of organizations, the dynamics in particular can be especially challenging.

Some nonprofits Jim has been involved with serving include:

  • Friends of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, serving one of the largest and most professionally operated railroad museums in the world. In multiple capacities over a period of 25 years. Work included leading a major archives database and web search initiative involving planning, financing, IT infrastructure, and staff/volunteer coordination.
  • Rider University, first Web Content Manager. Bringing change at a key period.
  • Train Collectors Association, one of the largest and most respected collecting societies. Providing writing, website, and IT services.
  • NAMI-Mercer, proactive chapter of National Alliance on Mental Illness. Website and promotional services.
  • Lawrenceville Main Street, local community advancement organization. Website and promotional services.
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