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460 Washington DC 1927
Magazine cover.
Penn Station NYC

Jim has done extensive research and writing, much focused on American railroad history. For a number of years, he served as Associate Editor of Milepost, the Journal of the Friends of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. His articles have also been published in magazines such as Trains and Pennsylvania Heritage.

Here are some samples:

  • Voices on the rails. The coming of radio to America’s railroads. Published in Trains Magazine, this research describes the advent of electronic communication on railroads as it developed over many decades.
  • Where History and Magic Converge. A published article discussing railroad history in Pennsylvania and promoting the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.
  • John Stevens: The Man and the Machine, a review of an early American railroad visionary. It involved months of original research. PDF file. Allow for download time.
  • The Lindbergh Special. Fascinating story of early aviation, Charles Lindbergh, and the reaction of American railroad management to the advent of this new competition.
  • Charles Lindbergh and Emilio Carranza. Air pioneers, friends, and a New Jersey memorial to international brotherhood.
  • Scooping Water in the Age of Steam. An exciting review of an important railroad operating technology. Includes the Wilmore Track Pans, the world’s longest and highest facility for feeding water for the thirsty boilers of moving locomotives.
  • Burlington County, NJ. Historical Research.
    Early railroad development and its effect on the region’s growth.
  • Tocks Island Dam Controversy and Resulting Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The consequences of the failed Tocks Island Dam Project. How an unusual way of life and a town few ever heard of were impacted, with consideration of government policy including eminent domain. Now the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. An illustrated lecture on this is available for presentation. This expanded section now houses extensive material on the controversy and ensuing situation, including the impact on other nearby towns in the area and the effect of eminent domain policies and practices.
Tocks Island Dam Plan
Proposed Tocks Island Dam
Abandoned Farm
Abandoned farm near river
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