Management: Doing and Writing

ManagementAs can be seen in Jim’s Career Section, he has performed a wide range of managerial functions, ranging from large multi-million dollar government operations at several levels, to much smaller nonprofit organizations.

In the course of this work, he has left a long trail of carefully-crafted managerial, planning, financial, reporting, promotional, and other documents, which represent his organizing and writing skills, many of which are proprietary to respective employers. In this section, we present a limited selection of  documents. While some date back many years, they are illustrative of the skills he brings to the management of organizations, regardless of the setting.

The images below denote some of Jim’s major formal endeavors.

The first was a major state government study and reorganization that Jim participated in, then recognition of an extended period of teaching government budgeting and finance, followed by his guiding a major IBM-Systems based plan for development or Information Technology systems. Click them for larger views.

Certificate of Appointment
Certificate of Appointment
Rutgers Teaching Certificate
Rutgers Teaching Recognition
Business Systems Plan
Information Technology Planning
BSP Plan Recognition
Plan Recognition
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