Websites: What We Have Done

NOTE: We are no longer accepting web engagements.

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We have created and maintained quality web sites for select clients.

  • Effective Communication.

We focus on sites that effectively communicate accurate and desired information to your audience. That takes skilled work. That’s us.

  • Not Glitz.

Some designers whip up glitzy sites that don’t present your case well, falling prey to flashy techniques they just learned, but which don’t really recognize web visitors habits. That’s not us.

Website Design and Management.

Our acceptance of new clients is highly selective to allow full focus on their needs. We are not a production operation!

Web sites are critical communications and marketing tools that need planning, accurate implementation, and diligent updating. Content must be accurate, timely, and easy to find.

Sites must be tended regularly like flowers in a garden in order to achieve best impact.
Our technical design abilities are coupled with major emphasis on content. Our web design philosophy is different from that of novices who concentrate on applying the latest technical glitz to sites.

Our focus on the message calls for understanding your organization, its goals, and complexities. With our broad organizational management background, strong writing skills, and the ability to harness different perspectives, we are different.

Pulling it all together.

Pulling it all together calls for experience and sensitivity.

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