Human Interest and Personal

Grandpa BillJim enjoys writing and has penned a number of articles throughout his life and career. Some may be found by using the menu drop-downs under “Writing.”

This section presents topics of personal interest and experience. Regardless of subject, the same research, planning and organizing skills come into play.

It’s all about telling a story to your audience.

Grandpa Bill’s Paintings – a Special Section. Paintings and the story of the artist William Mulhern. (The c1910 “selfie” was part of his technique.)

A Postcard Legacy. An old postcard tells a story.

A Station for Life. A lifetime lesson at a small town train station.

The Puddlejumper. The story of a wonderful little doodlebug

Goodwill Parade Revisited. A return to a small town’s parade, then 9-11.

Night Before Christmas at RR Museum of PA. A tale of whimsy.

Memories of Asbury Park, NJ.

Spring Lake (H. W. Mountz) School Memories.

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