Jim Alexander’s experience in managing large and smaller organizations, primarily governmental and nonprofits.

Information Technology

Managing Information Technology Information Technology is a term that encompasses many skills and levels of responsibility. Jim’s skills lie primarily in managing the deployment of resources and systems to meet an organization’s needs. In other words, he’s not a technician, but the person who can help the management team think about what they need and […]

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Interpretive Challenges

Interpretive Challenges in Museums This article, along with its two sidebars, discusses how a large museum creates an environment conducive to learning. It reminds us that different people experience things differently. Note that it combines an appreciation of the subject matter of railroad history with a planning perspective that reflects methods of effective communication, as

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Management: Doing and Writing As can be seen in Jim’s Career Section, he has performed a wide range of managerial functions, ranging from large multi-million dollar government operations at several levels, to much smaller nonprofit organizations. In the course of this work, he has left a long trail of carefully-crafted managerial, planning, financial, reporting, promotional,

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