Asbury Park Back Then

Beachfront Pavilion

Fifth Avenue Bandstand-Pavilion, 1961

Home of Howard Johnson’s and Frank Bryan’s Asbury Park Municipal Band, one of an amazing number of new buildings built in rapid succession, aimed at reviving the city’s beachfront, the economic driver of the city’s progress.

In the early to mid 1960s, Asbury Park was on a rapid upswing, with developments and civic enthusiasm. Unfortunately, events later in the decade halted this, and it is only in the new century’s second decade that it has resumed.

Here are two PDF files of City of Asbury Park reports from the early period:

Four Years of Progress in Action 1957-1961

Teamwork for Progress 1961-62

Jim had the privilege of being there to start his government career and document some of this progress. It was an exciting time!

Old Asbury Park Train Station

Former Asbury Park – Ocean Grove Train Station
Operated by New York & Long Branch Railroad for the Pennsylvania Railroad and Jersey Central RR.

For many years, trains were not allowed to stop here on Sundays, in deference to nearby Ocean Grove’s blue laws. The station has been replaced, and all that has changed.

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