Writing is central to Jim’s work. It documents achievements and provides information to guide clients and to inform readers. Research, organization, organizing, applying appropriate techniques in a changing world.

South Jersey Solid Waste

South Jersey Solid Waste Atlantic County solid waste facility, Burlington County landfill and recycling plant. Current estimates are that each person in the United States produces about 4.9 pounds of solid waste each day, a figure that has been rising. This is generally what gets hauled away from homes by garbage or recycling trucks; there’s

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Eminent Domain

A Legacy of Hurt:Eminent Domain at Tocks Island The dam was never built, but Annie Oftedal died alone at home because of it. “Why fight a losing battle?” commented Joseph H. Cook, Jr., chief of the Corps of Engineers real estate division in Philadelphia. “We wish we never heard of the damn thing.” “We uprooted

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