A special interest is in history, with special interest on railroads and related social and economic factors. Also includes personal interest and local flavor.

Eminent Domain

A Legacy of Hurt:Eminent Domain at Tocks Island The dam was never built, but Annie Oftedal died alone at home because of it. “Why fight a losing battle?” commented Joseph H. Cook, Jr., chief of the Corps of Engineers real estate division in Philadelphia. “We wish we never heard of the damn thing.” “We uprooted

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Dr. Ely’s Legacy

Dr. Ely’s Legacy: The Mount Holly, Lumberton and Medford Railroad James Alexander Jr. ©2018 Lumberton Station TERRIFIC EXPLOSION OF A LOCOMOTIVE IN MOUNT HOLLY — LOSS OF LIFE — A HORRIBLE SCENE. — Excerpted from the Mt. Holly New Jersey Mirror. May 26, 1869. A train operated by the Camden and Amboy Railroad, running on

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Tocks Island Controversy / Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

The Tocks Island Dam Controversy/ Delaware Water Gap National Rec. Area Following the disastrous flooding on the Delaware River in 1955, the Army Corps of Engineers secured Congressional approval to build a dam just above the Delaware Water Gap, at a location called Tocks Island. The results were equally disastrous, with thousands of people being

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History and Research

History and Research Jim has done extensive research and writing, much focused on American railroad history. For a number of years, he served as Associate Editor of Milepost, the Journal of the Friends of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. His articles have also been published in magazines such as Trains and Pennsylvania Heritage. Here are

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