Human Interest

Jim writes about personal and generic life factors, with a special interest in the idiosyncrasies of human nature.

Human Interest Writing

Human Interest and Personal Jim enjoys writing and has penned a number of articles throughout his life and career. Some may be found by using the menu drop-downs under “Writing.” This section presents topics of personal interest and experience. Regardless of subject, the same research, planning and organizing skills come into play. It’s all about …

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Spring Lake, NJ Memories

Spring Lake School Class of 1955 Following a reunion of the graduating class of 1955 of the then Spring Lake Public School, a special web section was created.  In an earlier page format, it is continued here. Included is information about H. W. Mountz, the long-time principal, the students of that class, and other information about …

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Asbury Park, NJ

Asbury Park Back Then Fifth Avenue Bandstand-Pavilion, 1961 Home of Howard Johnson’s and Frank Bryan’s Asbury Park Municipal Band, one of an amazing number of new buildings built in rapid succession, aimed at reviving the city’s beachfront, the economic driver of the city’s progress. In the early to mid 1960s, Asbury Park was on a rapid …

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The Puddlejumper

The Conductor and the Puddlejumper “We’ll give them a good ride,” the man in the black conductor’s suit would always say as he helped us up the big steps of the funny looking railcar. It was an annual ritual, catching the Puddlejumper at Spring Lake station, going to Trenton to visit Grandma. Dad would drive …

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Station for Life

A Station for Life The pay phone kept ringing downstairs in the darkened store. Whoever was calling knew it would eventually be heard and answered. Phone calls late at night usually meant bad news. Daddy hustled down the back stairs. It was the police. “We just got word. They’re going to try sending the newspapers …

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Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope Long Ago And Other Glimpses of an Idyllic Past As we have seen, William Mulhern sometimes used photos he took as studies for his paintings. In this example, around 1915 he photographed his daughter Nellie (l.) and several other children, members of the neighboring Peasy family,  jumping rope. He then placed them in …

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William Mulhern, Artist

William Mulhern, 1875-1948 William Mulhern, born in the County Fermanagh, Ireland, in 1875, of James and Frances (nee Bromley) Mulhern, began his painting career somewhere around his twentieth year. When he was eight years old, his father, a constable in the hills of Ireland and a troubadour in the surrounding towns, was killed while trying …

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Grandpa Painting Gallery

William Mulhern’s Paintings A number of William Mulhern’s paintings portrayed Taylorsville, Pennsylvania, now known as Washington Crossing, and the nearby Bucks County and riverside areas. The sleepy village was along the Delaware River, in what is now Washington Crossing State Park. The property was purchased by the Commonwealth for creation of the park, and several of …

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Postcard Legacy

A Postcard Legacy from 1908 The Bank Panic of 1907 led to the temporary loss of jobs in the potteries in Trenton, NJ, where William Mulhern was a skilled potter. Desperate to provide for his young wife and year-old daughter Nellie, he moved the family to a farm in the Titusville – Pennington area outside …

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